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2016-2017 Show Season

Photo : 福田 豊文(UFP写真事務所)

TICA RW SGC Miagola Ritmo Madrigale (Female)
Blue Classic Tabby / White

Internationl Best Blue Classic Tabby / White Norwegian Forest of The Year
Asia 25th Best Cat of The Year
Asia 16th Best LongHair Cat of The Year

TICA RW SGCA Miagola Hana Odeon (Neuter)
Black Silver Classic Tabby / White

Asia 10th Best Alter of The Year


Photo : 福田 豊文(UFP写真事務所)

TICA LA IW Azureblue Hana Icibaan of Miagola (Neuter)
Black Silver Mackerel Tabby / White

Lifetime Achievement
Asia 16th Best Alter of The Year

TICA Azureblue Flordfrill of Miagola / DM (Female)
Black Classic Tabby / White

Outstanding Dam


TICA RW SGCA Miagola Hana Odeon (Neuter)

TICA SGCA Miagola Hannaricana (Spay)

Photo : 福田 豊文(UFP写真事務所)

TICA GCA Miagola Orangerie (Spay)

TICA RW SGC Miagola Quinario Doppio (Male)

TICA QGCA Miagola Quericia Lou (Spay)

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